About Us

Meet the Family

Friends, I’m glad you’re here! Gather ‘round, and let me share a little piece of my story with you.

My name is Sara, and I’m a former financial advisor, turned entrepreneurial baker! For 15 years, I was fortunate to have a beautiful career in the financial services industry, and in January of 2020, while working for one of the largest and most prestigious investment firms in the world, I resigned from that industry to build my creative company, one ingredient at a time. I hung up my heels and laced up my tennies. Errr…in recipe terms, I subbed out my suit coat for a chef’s coat, to start an e-commerce bakery out of my home kitchen. I actually prefer an apron, but you get the idea! We’ve come a long, long way from my home kitchen…and have since upgraded to a commercial facility as a fully licensed and operating bakery.

Instead of the opening and closing bell of Wall Street, I live and die by the alarms on my oven timers…and my days are spent adding 1.5 cups of powdered sugar to my buttercream, rather than buying 150 shares of Apple stock for a growth portfolio. My life, literally turned upside down overnight.

What kind of e-commerce entrepreneurial baker? The cupcake jar kind! Deliciousness in a jar, made for cupcake lovers all across the country…packaged with as much style and beauty that I could dream up.

When I made that life-changing choice to resign from the financial services industry, it was one of, if not THE, the hardest of my life. After plenty of time, consideration, conversations with my nearest and dearest, and enough signs to smack me in the face…I knew I had to follow my heart.

Today, thanks to a little bit of luck coupled with a lot of hard work, I’m a walking Vision Board of what I dreamed of for so many years. The magazine cut-outs, the screen shots, the post-its of what a perfect day would look like, are currently my reality. And it happened, when I decided to GO for it, and pursue Paisley & Dash with my whole heart.

Why the name Paisley & Dash for my bake shop, you ask? Well, that’s easy. Let me introduce my two pups! Meet Paisley, my Malti-Poo, who is even sweeter than my almond buttercream frosting. She’s like your favorite fuzzy blanket, softest throw pillow, cozy pair of socks, warm cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream AND marshmallows…all wrapped into one. And meet Dash, my Maltese, who is equal parts sassy and spunky, but with a heaping cup full of honey! Oh, and a dash of snuggly…he’s very good at that. As VP of Sweetness and VP of Sassiness, we make the perfect three’s company!

I hope you get a chance to try our cupcake jars from our little bake shop! Each jar is custom made and packaged by hand – down to the very last hand-tied baker’s twine that’s wrapped around every Paisley & Dash gift box. We promise, we give a whole new meaning to…Love at First Bite.


With Sweet Regard,


An image of the lovely Sara and her two pooches, Paisley and Dash