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Meet the Family

Is there anything better than the charming and heartwarming aroma of a cake baking its way to perfection in the oven? Or how about the mouthwatering sight of a freshly prepared stainless steel bowl full of chocolate chip cookie dough, chilling in the fridge awaiting its turn in the oven? That is…if it makes it that far; when I was little, I used to sneakily scoop out a heaping spoonful from said bowl when my Mother wasn’t looking. Baking is an art I’ve treasured my whole life; as a little girl, I remember making Chocolate Chip Cookies or Chocolate Oatmeal Bars with my Mother on a Saturday morning. And now today…filling one cupcake jar at a time, delightfully packaging each one so that opening your surprise feels like a grand occasion.

Speaking of packaging, there is nothing I love more than wrapping a present and ‘styling’ it! During the holidays, my family always laughs, as they know which presents under the tree are from me. Or at weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, there’s the inevitable…”we know who THAT one’s from!” There’s just something about the presentation of things, that’s so special to me. While creating the packaging for Paisley & Dash, it was my goal to make something beautiful, to make you feel special, and of course entice the ‘I can’t WAIT to open this!’ type of feeling.

Why the name Paisley & Dash for my bake shop, you ask? Well, that’s easy. Let me introduce my two pups! Meet Paisley, my Malti-Poo, who is even sweeter than my almond buttercream frosting. She’s like your favorite fuzzy blanket, cozy throw pillow, comfy pair of socks, and warm cup of hot cocoa with whipped cream…all wrapped into one. And meet Dash, my Maltese, who is equal parts sassy and spunky, but with a heaping cup full of honey! Oh, and a dash of snuggly…he’s very good at that. As VP of Sweetness and VP of Sassiness, we make the perfect three’s company!

I hope you get a chance to try our cupcake jars from our little bake shop. Each jar is custom made and packaged by hand, right down to the very last hand-tied baker’s twine that is wrapped around every Paisley & Dash gift box. Find the simplest thing to celebrate; in fact, every day is an occasion on its own, isn’t it? And that, my friends, deserves a cupcake jar!

Sweet Regards ~ Sara